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The Transparent Manager

by Lee Martin
Lee Martin
MD and founder of Toojays Training
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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 Category Toojays 0 Comments

The seemingly never-ending recession and subsequent fear and job insecurity that it brings places immense pressure on managers to maintain focus and motivation, especially when the company is undergoing restructuring or savings drive.

So how do they rebuild confidence and trust within their teams?

It has to be about being transparent and keeping people informed. There's nothing worse than gossip and the internal grapevine for distorting the facts and de-motiving the workforce. 

Managers shouldn't fear telling people how bad it is.

In difficult times its essential to retain your talent, and keep high levels of faith, trust and confidence in order to deliver BAU targets and performance.

Being aware of the emotions that people go through, including the managers themselves is critical to help people move through any transition. The Change Curve model from Kubler Ross can help with this.

But there are Three simple steps to help maintain morale during and after any restructuring:

1. Be Transparent

Give staff the truth about the company's current position and future plans - they will respect you for this honesty and it will prevent any unfounded fear and concern among employees.

2. Offer Support and Encouragement

For all staff who have survived a redundancy process ongoing support and encouragement can remove any feelings and emotions of guilt and paranoia.

3. Support staff who are being made redundant

By offerring outplacement services this will prove you are a responsible employer. The remaining staff will appreciate your efforts and even the departing staff will talk about you more favourably ensuring your Brand is not tarnished.


 By following these three steps you are on the way to creating the right atmosphere and culture for continued performance under difficult times.

Tags: change management, team development, trust, management, redundancy
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