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It's not the's the application!

by Lee Martin
Lee Martin
MD and founder of Toojays Training
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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 Category Toojays 0 Comments

Theres a hole heap of models and theories for leadership, management and coaching. 

I know as we use and teach the majority of them in our training courses.

But as we say to our delegates the success lies not in the model or concept's how you utilise it! It's all about the application.

Thinking about which model is appropriate to the situation, the circumstances or the outcomes you're trying to achieve.

This is where the Knowledge (of which model to use) + the Skill (of knowing how to use it) = Competence (and achievement of a successful outcome).

However, we often see people using the models and theories without understanding the impact or outcome.

A recent example happened at my eldest childs parents evening. As proud parents we attended the senior school and took our allotted 10 minute slot with each of the 10 different subject teachers.

After the second meeting it was obvious that ALL the teacher's had been advised / trained in how to handle the parents evening as they appeared to be following a script like process. 

We would sit down in front of the teacher. The teacher would warmly shake our hands looking us in the eye when doing so. They would then ask "Well now, how do you think (insert Child's name) has done this term?" Smile...and wait for a response from bemused parents.

I say bemused because as much as I take an interest in my children's eductation and acedemic ability I don't know how they have done on their SATS, or where they are in relation to the class average performance.

So to ask me "How do I think they've done" is a bit of a mis-leading question. 

I understand WHY they have asked the question (in order to acertain the proud parents entry level and perception of their golden childs performance before they are given the reality! - as it enables the teacher to adapt their feedback - in true Constructive Feedback style).

However, the reality of the question is that all it does (especially after the third and fourth time of the format being applied!) is make me think of two things:

1. Isn't that what you're suppose to be telling me?! (i.e. How well they've done)

2. You're just following a process here...and are almost on auto pilot.

The second point is the the one that all coaches, managers and leaders should be aware of. 

Are you losing the EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and personal engagement, by over utilising the model?

It's something to be concious of, particularly if you want to ensure integrity and create the right impression.


Tags: Teachers, parents evening, HR, Constructive Feedback, Performance Appraisal, leadership, management
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