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Making it stick...remembering the learning

by Editorial
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 Category Toojays 0 Comments

How do you ensure the learning lasts?

You may have attended the best training course ever....or have your staff come back enthused and energised full of new knowledge or skills but how long does it last? 

A day, a week, a month later how much do you recall? How much are you able to put in to practice? Does the old behaviour continue...? Is there a need to go on a course or a refresher a few months later?!! 

Studies show that the lack of knowledge retention increases over time.


So what's needed to ensure the longevity of the training course...and of the investment made?

Well Lee Martin MD of Toojays, identifies a number of key things to consider.

1. Pre & Post Training agreement

The trainee and their manager should identify what expectations each have from the training, prior to the event.. What's going to be gained? A new skill? Knowledge? Process? Awareness? Most managers ensure this happens. However not enough managers have the conversation AFTER the training event to identify HOW the new skill/knowledge/behaviour is to be applied, by when and how improvement will be measured.This conversation should be a two way process with the individual identifying what help, support or rescources they need to enable them to implement the learning.

2. Facilitator Follow up

How will the trainer or facilitator follow up with delegates after the training? Again there are a number of options availalbe.

a. Quiz or Assessment - This can be issued via email or hardcopy or increasingly popular these days by mobile phone or on line learning

b. Forum discussions - Continuing the group learning with discussions or debates with the training group as they explore implementation. 

c. Issuing notes, handouts, reading and supplementary materials - again all methods post event to bring the learning to the fore again.

d. Running refresher workshop - Often a technique used to address barriers or obsticles individuals have experiences since the initial training session.

Ultimately there should be a plan in place with either the training provider or from the line manager (or both!) to ensure maximum retention of learning is utilised. 

Failure to have this plan in place will increase the liklihood of training being needed again in the near future!

Tags: ROI, Development, HR, blended learning, knowledge retention, Learning
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